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It is a set of tools and libraries to create enterprise-class applications. Java EE is different from the JDK and is outside the scope of this tutorial. You do not need Java EE to compile and run the simple application we are creating in this tutorial. A common mistake made by beginner programmers is to try and run the java launcher on the .class file that was created by the compiler. For example, you’ll get this error if you try to run your program with java HelloWorldApp.class instead of java HelloWorldApp. Remember, the argument is the name of the class that you want to use, not the filename.

Java SE Lessons

Take breaks when needed, and go
over the examples as many times as needed. An application which is created for mobile devices is called a mobile application. Currently, Android and Java ME are used for creating mobile applications. An application that is distributed in nature, such as banking applications, etc. is called an enterprise application.

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This lesson introduces the platform’s basic concurrency support and summarizes some of the high-level APIs in the java.util.concurrent packages. Java SE seems to be losing its charm as it does not provides many useful functionalities and is used for only basic features of Java programming language. The ongoing trend shows decreasing use of Java SE, and more people use other programming platforms such as Java EE, Java ME, and Python. Java is currently focusing on data management and machine learning ecosystems. The Java Tutorials are practical guides for programmers who want to use the Java programming language to create applications. They include hundreds of complete, working examples, and dozens of lessons.

  • These are traditional software that we need to install on every machine.
  • The precise description of what is this byte code is beyond the scope of this tutorial.
  • It is the core Java programming platform and provides all the libraries and APIs such as java.lang,, java.math,, java.util etc.

It creates a new directory in the current directory with the content of the JDK in it. This command expands all the files with the extension .tar.gz that you have in the current directory. You can use the exact name of this file if you just need to expand it.

Language and Libraries

This way of executing your java application does not work if your java code spans more than one file. The file produced by a compiler is often called a binary file or an executable file. Whereas you can read a source code and understand it, binary or executable files are not meant to be read by a human person.

Java SE Lessons

Our core Java programming tutorial is designed for students and working professionals. Java is an object-oriented, class-based, concurrent, secured and general-purpose computer-programming language. Note that starting with Java SE 11 you can also merge these two steps into one, by executing a .java file directly. You can use these feature only if you are executing a program that is written in a single file.

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Our programs range from private lessons to theory classes, ensembles, electives, and much more. We take pride in offering high-quality and dedicated instruction by top NYC professionals all at a fraction of the cost of other schools and university conservatory programs. In this session we will look at the G1GC logging to learn how to use the data to improve application performance while reducing hardware footprint. The G1GC has come a long way since it was first supported in Java 7 update 4. At that time is was very difficult if not impossible to obtain results that came close to those obtainable with the mostly concurrent mark sweep collector. Now it is possible that the G1GC will perform as well if not better than CMS with minimal or no tuning at all.

Please note that in this example, and all the others, the leading $ is there to show you that you need to type this command or paste it in a prompt. You should not type this character or paste it as it is not part of the tar command. Please note that in this example and all the Java SE Lessons others, the leading $ is there to show you that you need to type this command or paste it in a prompt. You should not type this character or paste it, as it is not part of the tar command. It is a subset of the JDK that is not distributed by the OpenJDK or Oracle anymore.

To develop or run Java applications, you need to download and install the Java SE Development Kit. It is a micro platform that is dedicated to mobile applications. Exceptions explains the exception mechanism and how it is used to handle errors and other exceptional conditions.

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