Lead Glass

X-ray lead glass is made of high quality optical grade material. It provides excellent radiation shielding, superb visual clarity,
high light transmission and does not discolour due to radiation. The hard, polished surfaces have excellent scratch resistance .
X-ray Lead glass viewing windows are an important feature for any scanning room ,safely allowing the operator to view their patient in a protective environment.

About x ray shielding lead glass :

Lead equivalent :at 110 kV 2.1 mm Pb
Density 4.46g/mm
Max size 2.4*1.2m
Refractive index 1.717200
Application:Cardiology, CT, Radiology, Mammography, Urology, Surgery

X-Ray Shielding Protection Lead Glass 8mm 10mm
Lead glass contains a lot of lead oxide in addition to silica, boron oxide and other glass forms.
It is used to manufacture optical glass, electric vacuum glass, low temperature sealing glass, radiation proof glass, lead crystal glass, flint optical glass, low melting glass, delay line glass, high refraction micro bead glass and art ware glass, etc.
Function of lead glass: the main performance of lead glass is optically clear and transparent protective shielding. A low optical quality protective glass plate with prescribed attenuation performance is used, and its attenuation performance is 0.22mmpb per millimeter; applicable scope It can be installed in the observation window laboratory of X-ray detection and CT scanning. The lens of the protective window goggles. The X-ray screen of the airport security inspection and the protective window for industrial flaw detection. In radiology medicine, it is often used for radiation protection and shielding, or Observation window for the lead room for filming.
According to the different lead content, lead glass mainly has four series: ZF2, ZF3, ZF6, and ZF7. Currently, ZF2 series lead glass is generally used. The high lead glass of ZF6 and ZF7 series has high lead content and the same thickness. The amount of protection is high and the weight is large.
ZF series high-lead glass products adopt advanced production technology and optical detection methods. The materials are made of high-lead content optical glass. They have the characteristics of clean internal materials, good transparency, large lead equivalent, and strong anti-radiation ability. , It can effectively block X-rays, gamma rays, cobalt 60 rays and isotope scanning.
ZF2, ZF3 series of high-lead glass is widely used in X-ray diagnosis and spiral CT scanning room observation window, medical diagnostic shielding; ZF6, ZF7 series of high-lead glass is mainly used in nuclear power plants, nuclear energy applications and other nuclear industries.

Type Index of refraction Density Lead equivalent light transmittance PBo%
ZF3 1.71720 4.46g/cm3 0.24mmpb/mm >85% 61.03%
ZF7 1.0600 5.2g/cm3 0.33mmpb/mm Less than 85% 71%
ZF6 1.75500 4.77g/cm3 0.27mmpb/mm Less than 85% 65.06%

Brief Introduction:

Radiation Protection Products’ Lead Glass (X-ray Glass, Radiation Shielding Glass, Leaded Glass) is suitable for installation in screens, windows, walls, and doors. Our Lead Glass (X-ray Glass, Radiation Shielding Glass, Leaded Glass) allows technicians to view the imaging or radiation therapy procedures. More details on our lead x-ray glass can be found on the submittals page.


Lead glass has a number of uses, primarily in the medical industry. It provides full radiation protection but is transparent and easy to see through for observation purposes. Radiation Protection Products x-ray glass delivers superior visual clarity and high light transmission with little to no distortion, even in our thickest available varieties. Our lead glass can be used effectively in x-ray rooms, radiation therapy rooms, laboratories, and many other applications.


We offer lead glass in a variety of standard sizes to meet the needs of nearly any application. See the chart below for our standard x-ray glass sizes. We also offer custom size lead glass up to a maximum of 3m*1.2m. Quotes for custom size leaded glass are available upon request.

Lead Equivalent: 

Lead Glass (X-ray Glass, Radiation Shielding Glass, Leaded Glass) is available in the following equivalencies: 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.2mm. These lead equivalencies are based on 150kV. Lead x-ray glass with higher lead equivalencies is available upon request.