Sony Ultrasound Roll

Types  Roll Specifications  Printers
UPP-110S 110mm x 20m-240pcs/roll UP-890,UP-895MD,UP-D895,UP-897MD,UP-D897…
UPP-110HG 110mmx18m-220pcs/roll UP-890,UP-895MD,UP-D895,UP-897MD,UP-D897…
UPP-110HD 110mm x 20m-240pcs/roll UP-890,UP-895MD,UP-D895,UP-897MD,UP-D897…

Ultrasound paper provides exceptional image detail and excellent resolution and longevity of the printed image. The UPP-110 series offers the following advanced features: high water resistance, head-matching performance, grey-scale reproduction, anti-electrostatic layer, minimal curling, high humidity and heat resistance, superior print quality and excellent tearing properties.


1.Substance:60GSM, 70GSM
2.Type:UPP-110HG (We also have 110S, 110HD etc)

3.Normal size:110mm*18m
4. Thermal Paper
5. Each roll is packed in individual printed plastic bag (Can be customized)
6. High resolution and preservation of printed video image Apply on: ( USG/Medical Video Printing )


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